StormCAD XM V05.06.012 (水文系统):


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StormCAD XM V05.06.012 (水文系统):
Bentley StormCAD XM 用于分析和设计城市下水道系统的软件。


Storm sewer design and modeling software 

StormCAD is a comprehensive modeling software program for the design and analysis of storm sewer systems. Its intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to design and analyze storm sewer systems from gutter to outlet.

StormCAD provides calculations for catchment runoff, gutters, inlets, junctions, pipe networks, and outfalls.

Available in stand-alone and AutoCAD interfaces, StormCAD includes automated constraint-based design features for construction elements, scenario and data management, and reporting capabilities.

StormCAD is accepted by FEMA for National Flood Insurance Program.