DELFT GEOSYSTEMS MWell v2.8.4.4 (排水设备)


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DELFT GEOSYSTEMS MWell v2.8.4.4 (排水设备)
软件简介—SoftWare Description: DELFT GEOSYSTEMS MWell v2.8.4.4 (排水设备)

一款功能强大的排水设备问题解决软件。可迅速分析出排水工程的全景图。 MWell is a quick tool for drainage problems. Drainage is performed in well permeable soils called aquifers. Aquifers are separated by less permeable layers named aquitards. The drainage has direct effects on the aquifer in which it is situated. But also indirectly other aquifers are influences by leakage through the intermittent aquitards. In order to determine the flow characteristics a three dimensional transient calculation is required. The applied analytical modelling technique an elegant, fast and powerful method to obtain a quick and cheap overall picture of the flow changes in an area, where details are less dominant. With the goal in mind to use a quick and inexpensive tool for drainage problems MWell has been developed.