DELFT GEOSYSTEMS MStab v9.8.7.1 (河堤堰土壤设计)


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DELFT GEOSYSTEMS MStab v9.8.7.1 (河堤堰土壤设计)
软件简介—SoftWare Description: DELFT GEOSYSTEMS MStab v9.8.7.1 (河堤堰土壤设计)

一款用於海和河堤堰的土壤设计安全和稳定的软件。 Slope Stability Software for Soft Soil Engineering The safety and stability of the primary sea and river dikes is essential for the Netherlands since over half the population lives below sea level. In total, 3,500 kilometres of primary dikes and over 100,000 kilometres of other embankments keep the country from flooding. The stability for the majority of the dikes and embankments has been checked for the past 75 years, using methods and tools developed by GeoDelft, the leading Dutch Institute in this field. In 2002 GeoDelft founded Delft GeoSystems. Improved river dike section Through Delft GeoSystems these tools are now available in English for the International GeoEngineering community. Delft GeoSystems tools come with a comprehensive manual and extensive validation and verification reports. Technical support and updates are available free of charge for a period of 3 months. In addition, annual support contracts are available, which include updates. MStab is a slope stability package for soft soils. Delft GeoSystems’ tools follow best practice, and are developed according to modern software standards; therefore they are user-friendly and easy to learn.